Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

 Did you know that there are different types of Parts available? 

 If you have been in an accident and you want to get your vehicle back to it's former glory (or better) you will have to make a choice on the parts that will be used on your vehicle.  Most people are not aware that many Body Shops do not use parts from the very Company that made your vehicle.  Even less know that they have a choice in which parts are used.  

You have a choice to make

Essentially, there are 3 types of parts for you to choose from: OEM, Recycled and Aftermarket Parts.  

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts
These are the parts that were made for your car, by the Company that made the vehicle.  Ford, General Motors...etc.  These parts are made with great precision and are still produced years after a vehicle is no longer produced.  OEM Parts are made to align with a vehicle's exact specifications and they fit perfectly.  Typically they are the easiest to get, will create the best fit, and align with the other parts of the vehicle in a superior way.  This is chiefly important when it comes to the look and finish of your car.  

Tommy Car Collision Center only uses OEM Parts (unless requested otherwise) at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  This not only ensures that the job is done right the first time, but also that every body line will match so you know that the car will look as good as when it first rolled off the assembly line.  

Aftermarket Parts
As second, somewhat less favorable option, is to use aftermarket parts.  These are parts that are made by other Companies that try to recreate OEM parts through reverse-engineering.  These are not exact matches in most cases.  These Companies make alterations to the parts so they can fit multiple makes and models-rather than just your vehicle.  This can change the look and design of your car slightly, may have unnecessary holes or ribs, and allows the Company producing the part to make them at a higher volume so they can sell more, and at a lesser price.  

Recycled Parts
A third option that is used by some Body Shops is recycled parts.  This is a nice way to say used parts.  These are parts that are found in junk yards near and far and that are pulled from a vehicle and repainted and placed on your car.  This is often the least expensive option but can cause problems in the long run.  

How to make the choice

The first step is to know that some Insurance Companies will want you to use Aftermarket parts.  They are less expensive, so they save money.  You have a choice though.  The first choice is to pick which Body Shop or Collision Center that you will employ to serve you.  Tommy Car Collision Center will work with your Insurance Company, and they only use OEM parts unless You specify otherwise.  Taking your car to Tommy Car Collision Center just makes it easier to do the right thing for your car.

Insist on OEM Body Parts
  • Easier to Choose your Parts:  The Manufacturer only made the part you need once.  That makes the work easy so you do not have to assess the quality, fit, or finish.  
  • Assurance of Quality:  Manufacturers spend a lot of time Researching and Developing the finer points of every part that is on your vehicle.  This information is not available to Companies that just copy a part.  In addition, they are held to much higher standards in the production factors of your vehicle that Aftermarket Companies are not.
  • Consistency in Parts: All Aftermarket parts are not created equal, but OEM parts are.  They are made precisely the same way every time.
  • Better Fit:  Since the part was literally made for your car, and not many others, it makes the part easier to replace, and fits the same way as the part that they are replacing.  
  • Comes with a Warranty: Most automakers back the parts that they offer with warranties.  Since Tommy Car Collision Center stands behind their work,, you know that your car is guaranteed to be fixed correctly.  
  • Increased Resale Value:  Aftermarket parts decrease a vehicle's book value.  If they are used on a vehicle that is on a lease, it may cause you part or all of your security deposit, or may create additional costs at the termination of your lease.  OEM parts prevent these worries.
It's A Matter of Safety
Imitation Parts with Unknown Collision Performance put you and your vehicle at risk.  Your vehicle was designed to meet all Federal Safety Standards.  This design incorporates collision performance requirements that are important for our safety.  Many times aftermarket parts are not tested or certified by their makers, or the insurance companies that want to stop us from using them.  Aftermarket parts cannot guarantee your vehicle will meet the specifications or the testing standards of the U.S. Government.  

It's A Matter of Quality
You paid a lot for your vehicle and you want to keep the original quality that was built by the Manufacturer.  TommyCar Collision Center has increased efficiency and customer satisfaction by returning your vehicle with a perfect fit and finish.  We have removed the possibility of any aftermarket parts failure in a future collision.  Original factory body parts-without a doubt-increase the accuracy of our repairs.